Vision: We engage and support nonprofit professionals and community leaders through professional development and networking designed to enhance the social sector in Southern Nevada.

Mission: Engage and support future nonprofit and community leaders through professional development, networking, and social opportunities designed for young people to get involved in the Southern Nevada nonprofit community.

Core Values:

  • Advocate Social Equity: We advocate for Racial Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) by eliminating the impact of systemic structures within our own organization and by addressing the immediate needs of our community. We embrace diverse backgrounds, thinking, leadership styles, and experiences.
  • Cultivate Professional Growth: We invest in the professional development of our members, board, and emerging nonprofit leaders. We deliver on this by providing concrete resources for and pathways to professional enrichment that allow members to pursue continuous learning, reach professional milestones, and discover new leadership opportunities.
  • Collaborate Intentionally: We commit to collaboration being the method by which we run our organization. We do this by working with our board and members to bring programs and opportunities to life. We intentionally create the sandbox in which our members can connect and create together.
  • Create Community: We build and steward strong relationships with our members, young nonprofit community, board of directors, and organizational partners. We cultivate community by putting members at the center of our work and by creating an environment where everyone feels they are welcomed, included, and belong.
  • Lead Authentically: We bring our authentic, creative, weird selves to the table and value these same traits in others. We live this by embracing openness and transparency and having an unwavering passion for the work we do. We exhibit a high level of agency and take ownership of our individual impact to inspire positive relationships and outcomes for the collective good. We make time for introspection, own mistakes, celebrate successes, and continuously strive to do better.

2022 Goals:

  • Goal 1: Provide tangible professional development initiatives that members can put on a resume or leverage for their professional benefit.
  • Goal 2: Develop strong relationships and membership within our YNPN Southern Nevada organization and with members and Southern Nevada Nonprofit leaders and decision-makers.
  • Goal 3: Establish a reliable foundation of service; members can expect newsletters, events, and other programming in a timely manner.